What’s Your Story?

Saw this great project by Jeremy Hutchison on the Creative Review blog. A great idea that mixes humour with a slice of creative participation, lovely.

Hutchison is requesting you to join in, by sharing headlines from your life that may eventually be turned into real newspaper sandwich boards…

To take part in the project, you simply have to share your news via the Extra Extra Facebook page (here). Hutchison will then pass selected headlines onto a signwriter for the Evening Standard who will turn them into official ES posters. The resulting sandwich boards will then be displayed at the Southbank Centre in London on the last weekend of August (27-28th), as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations.

“We’re the third biggest nation of Twitter users,” says Hutchison. “The YouTube slogan ‘broadcast yourself’ has become the mantra of a British generation. Everyone’s a journalist, and everything’s news. So, what if you clashed the traditional language of a centralised news source with the deregulated mayhem of online chatter?”

Here are some example boards that Hutchison has mocked up. So far on the Facebook page, people are sharing everything from the political – “Jo Avery thinks the train far rises suck” – to the banal – “Julia Vogl is contemplating another slice of pie”. Join in the fun here

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