Lame Mixtape Vol. 1


Music can make me incredibly productive especially good music. I find it really hard to sit in silence and work for long periods of time and I’m sure you’re all the same. So as a remedy to that I present Volume 1 of the Lame Mixtape series!!!!!!!

This should be an ongoing feature which will involve a new mixtape (and cover) every month. I’m using this as a platform to introduce to you bands and musicmakers which I love to work to and their songs which I enjoy the most.  Listen to this at the studio, in your bedroom, at the gym, at uni, on the bus or in the car and if you like the songs then please let me know!! I’ll stop babbling and leave you with the tracklist and a link to download it.



track 1 : James Blake – Unluck

track 2: Bon Iver – Beth/Rest

track 3 : Jonquil – Babe So Why Now No

track 4 : Grizzly Bear – Fine For Now

track 5 : Animal Collective – Safer

track 6 : Adam Green – The Prince’s Bed

track 7 :  Why? – Crushed Bones

track 8 : Warpaint – Billie Holiday

track 9 : Devendra Banhart – Chinese Children

track 10 : Yo La Tengo – Saturday


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