Phonetography Issue 1


It’s finally arrived, after a long time of collecting photos, hearing stories and communicating with some awesome people worldwide I’ve finally managed to collate the pictures together in the form of a zine. This is just the beginning for Phonetography as I hope to have more and more issues out in the future and a website may also be in the works. So please keep sending your photos and stories to the address below as they will be featured in future publications.

At the moment the zine is digital only but if theres enough interest then I will probably end up turning it into a limited run print zine for anyone who wants one.

So before you go an download the zine heres a list of the guys/girls that sent photos and stories.

Thanks again guys and n joy!

Adam J. Kurtz

Jason Niebauer

Fiona Dean

Rob Helm

ThoughtlessHero (Joe Aguirre)

David Perkins

Alex Aspinall

Jason Purcell

Hakim Shujaee



5 Responses to “Phonetography Issue 1”
  1. cant wait to download it!!!

  2. ricbixter says:

    love it 🙂

  3. Mark Young says:

    Nice one! Some pretty nice shots.

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