Phonetography Vol.2


The second volume of the series is starting up and needs your submissions!!! If you’re interested about taking part then send your submissions along with a story of the photo to;

For those not in the know about this project then here is a description of it below.

Technology is everywhere around us, including the palm of our hands. Mobile phones have evolved from being giant clunky boxes that required the strength of an Olympic strongman to carry, to being small futuristic boxes of information that can fit in the pocket of your jeans. Over 70% of the world’s population now has a mobile phone and with more and more phones containing a camera of some sorts it makes it much easier to capture important moments of your life on them. The problem I find is now that we have this technology we don’t use it to it’s full potential. Memories are stored on these phones and forgotten about, piled up amongst the pictures of yourself in the mirror or of a photo of your dog that you feel that everyone in the whole world needs to see on Facebook or Twitter.

My attempt with Phonetography is to release the great photographs that we all take on our phones, the pictures that have a story to them or that tell a story themselves and show them to the world before they get deleted or become corrupt beyond salvation.


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