12 Hour London Trip

So on Wednesday I embarked on another 12 hour London trip, which has become a regularity for me nowadays. The past 4 times which I have been to our capital I haven’t stayed there longer than 12 hours as I usually need to catch the last train back home. It’s a shame as I find myself having to rush around a lot and not take everything in, however it’s also usually because I am there for an interview which is always fun.

This trip was no different as I had an interview with design studio Noesis in the afternoon. Located in London’s swanky Covent Garden, Noesis are a creative design agency who develop brands and solutions for such companies as Bausch + Lomb, Origin and even legendary pro golfer Ernie Els. They have a great body of work and were really friendly guys.

After my interview I decided to explore London as I had a few hours to kill. I’d been wanting to visit ‘The Crypt Gallery’  which is located at St Pancras church near Kings Cross. The Crypt Gallery is well exactly that, an art gallery located in a disused Crypt below St Pancras church. I’d never been in a crypt before but it seemed like a lot of fun and the current exhibition seemed interesting. Kalliopi Lemos was the artist whom was exhibiting at that time with her 3 part exhibition entitled ‘Navigating in the dark Part 3’. Lemos had developed sculptures specifically for the crypt gallery and they were great and incredibly atmospheric. The gallery isn’t very big but as the name suggests it was all about navigating the dark and it was indeed very dark and eerie complete with sound effects. Below are some pictures I took of the gallery and the exhibition I suggest everyone should visit it if you have half an hour to spare.

After visiting the crypt gallery I decided to make the trip to TATE Modern as I hadn’t been in over a year, plus it’s one of my favourite galleries to visit as I get to see some of my favourite works of art by Liechtenstein and Andy Warhol. As per usual there collection was amazing and I also got to see work by photographer Diane Arbus which I was blown away by. I was also introduced to some great posters on exhibition by a group called ‘Guerilla Girls’, they are a group of women brought together to try and fight sexism in the fine art world and politics. They’re posters that were exhibited were all about gaining equal rights and space for women in galleries in New York and around the world. I loved these posters and the typography that went with them. These are some examples below.

Aswell as the usual rooms of Warhol, Riley and Liechtenstein which I enjoyed thoroughly there were also a collection of photomontages made by John Heartfield for the covers of the anti fascist German magazine AIZ. They were amazing and TATE had a huge amount on display, I took a couple of photos of my favourites.

From there it was time to meet my friend for something to eat and then back onto the pendelino for my trip back to Wigan and then home. Overall it was a hectic yet very fun half day, which is usually the case with my 12 hour trips to London. Below are a couple more photos I took whilst wandering around London town. Enjoy

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  1. Fantastic pictures…and, 12 hours around London!?!? that is impressive!



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