Rupert Ray Talk

Last night myself and Tim Sumner went to Brandhouse for their annual NotInhouse talk, which this time around was given by Alex Maclean from the newly formed Rupert Ray. For everyone that knows Rupert Ray is the new design and advertising agency that has been formed out of the closure of the legendary Airside, of which I attended their closing sale and bagged some amazing prints and books.

Alex’s talk was humorous and very insightful and left a lot of food for thought. With Rupert Ray only being about two weeks old, Alex couldn’t share with us too much of their work as some of it was top secret but we were given a great insight into how Rupert Ray will be developing their ideas and his thoughts on what branding and design really involve. What struck me was when Alex spoke on how nowadays with digital and interactive media becoming so prevalent, it is important that design is focused around the user rather than what you are trying to put across. He used the term ‘Osmosis’ which is ‘movement without the use of energy’ as a way of explaining how we collect our information nowadays, a thought that I found incredibly interesting.

Alex also went on to talk about a book called ‘The Shallows’ written by Nicholas Carr, which explores how the internet has changed the way we think and access information in the world. I am going to pick the book up myself as it looks fascinating and I suggest reading the excerpt on the website I just linked, my favourite part being the closing sentence; “Mentally, we’re in perpetual locomotion.”

The talk overall was great and managed to raise £347 for Marie Curie which was brilliant. I also managed to get myself a signed artist proof of the screenprinted poster designed by Alex himself, a picture of which is below. 

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