Back to school

After a lengthy absence from updating this blog, I’ve decided to return to rejuvinate the blog and reaquaint you all with what has happened. Since last years post I’ve moved back to Preston after working at some excellent design studios such as The Clearing, Honey Creative, Elmwood and Dew Gibbons. Being back at university has … Continue reading

Ayn Rand Talks About Concepts

The long bus journey’s to and from placement every day can drag on and passing the time can be hard. A good book can really help turn a somewhat unproductive activity into one that has become mind expanding. I’m currently reading Russian philosopher Ayn Rand’s book “The Virtue of Selfishness”, which is a collection of … Continue reading

The Trashcam Project

A group of German binmen based out of Hamburg have created this amazing way of converting old dumpsters into pin-hole cameras and taking incredible shots. They do this by drilling a small hole into the dumpster and hanging a large sheet of photographic onto the inside, the dumpster is then left for an hour to … Continue reading

Rupert Ray Talk

Last night myself and Tim Sumner went to Brandhouse for their annual NotInhouse talk, which this time around was given by Alex Maclean from the newly formed Rupert Ray. For everyone that knows Rupert Ray is the new design and advertising agency that has been formed out of the closure of the legendary Airside, of which … Continue reading


Psychedelic, mind crumbling visuals and an imposter Hunter S. Thompson makes the ingredients for an awesome video to let your eyes drool over. Here is a quick description by the parents, Antfood We dug through the darkest recesses of our minds and studio to create original music and sound design for this Buck masterpiece. Working … Continue reading

London Is The Reason

Well it has been just over 3 months since I last graced this blog with a new post and what a crazy 3 months it has been. I moved to the bright lights of our nations fine capital in early December to the lovely area of Crouch End and ever since then have been on … Continue reading

Tony Martin

My morning blogfeed helped me stumble across these amazing light show projections by artist Tony Martin. The incredible erosion that occurs in the pictures is amazing and the show itself looks like an awesome time. I particularly love his use of colour and how they have mixed together in a very destructive style. Anyways check … Continue reading

A/V Geeks Footage

I was introduced to this website a while ago via The Disciples of Design but felt the need to share it on here as I’ve pretty much fallen in love with it. A/V Geeks Stock Footage is a website showcasing just a fraction of the archives that contain over 20,000 educational and industrial films mainly … Continue reading

12 Hour London Trip

So on Wednesday I embarked on another 12 hour London trip, which has become a regularity for me nowadays. The past 4 times which I have been to our capital I haven’t stayed there longer than 12 hours as I usually need to catch the last train back home. It’s a shame as I find … Continue reading

Franklin Vandiver

Mr. Franklin Vandiver is a graphic designer and typographer with a very smooth body of work that pretty much speaks for itself. His typeface ‘Gallic No.1’ is a personal favourite of mine and one of few serif fonts that I have fallen in love with. Take a gander at his online portfolio HERE and peek … Continue reading