Psychedelic, mind crumbling visuals and an imposter Hunter S. Thompson makes the ingredients for an awesome video to let your eyes drool over. Here is a quick description by the parents, Antfood We dug through the darkest recesses of our minds and studio to create original music and sound design for this Buck masterpiece. Working … Continue reading

A/V Geeks Footage

I was introduced to this website a while ago via The Disciples of Design but felt the need to share it on here as I’ve pretty much fallen in love with it. A/V Geeks Stock Footage is a website showcasing just a fraction of the archives that contain over 20,000 educational and industrial films mainly … Continue reading

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

Adam Curtis is a legendary documentary filmmaker who’s style is very unique. Mixing stock footage taken from BBC archives and sampling that to a soundtrack of modern electronic greats such as Aphex Twin and Four Tet, Curtis manages to create a multi layered experience which to me is unmmatched in the world of documentary filmmaking. … Continue reading