12 Hour London Trip

So on Wednesday I embarked on another 12 hour London trip, which has become a regularity for me nowadays. The past 4 times which I have been to our capital I haven’t stayed there longer than 12 hours as I usually need to catch the last train back home. It’s a shame as I find … Continue reading

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

Adam Curtis is a legendary documentary filmmaker who’s style is very unique. Mixing stock footage taken from BBC archives and sampling that to a soundtrack of modern electronic greats such as Aphex Twin and Four Tet, Curtis manages to create a multi layered experience which to me is unmmatched in the world of documentary filmmaking. … Continue reading

Franklin Vandiver

Mr. Franklin Vandiver is a graphic designer and typographer with a very smooth body of work that pretty much speaks for itself. His typeface ‘Gallic No.1’ is a personal favourite of mine and one of few serif fonts that I have fallen in love with. Take a gander at his online portfolio HERE and peek … Continue reading

Say What Studio

Parisian designers ‘Say What Studio’ have got themselves an awesome portfolio of work featuring a lot of really nicely designed zines. Their gridded layouts are really interesting and their limited use of colour with some of the zines makes for some great zines. Check out some of their work below and visit their site aswell! … Continue reading

Phonetography Vol.2

PHONE.TWO.GRAPHY The second volume of the series is starting up and needs your submissions!!! If you’re interested about taking part then send your submissions along with a story of the photo to; phonetography@hotmail.co.uk For those not in the know about this project then here is a description of it below. Technology is everywhere around us, … Continue reading

Jordan Butcher

As you can see from some of my earlier posts music is a big part of design for me, silence is not an option. Whilst listening to ‘Major/Minor’ by the band ‘Thrice’ I noticed the coverwork was just a little bit special and it led me to the work of designer/art director Jordan Butcher. Jordan … Continue reading

Brock Davis

Brock Davis is an artist and musician based out of Minneapolis who works on mainly self initiated projects with titles such as ‘Gummy Bearskin Rug’, Broccoli Treehouse and Exhibitionist Coffee Cup. Personally I think Brock is amazing, he takes a different look at everything and reminds me a lot of Daniel Eatock. Below are some … Continue reading

Ill Studio

This morning during my usual brew & blog surf time, I came across Paris based designers ‘Ill Studio’ and was blown away. These guys have a great body of work including some amazing typography and editorial pieces. Their latest being a piece of work called ‘Moodcylopedia’ which they describe as an ‘encyclopedia of influence’. Have … Continue reading

The End

‘The End’ is a set of photographs featuring different ending screens from films back when endings weren’t so open. It’s strange how this feature of cinema has dissapeared nowadays, instead we’re now left with open ended films that try to lead into a usually inferior sequel. The flickr set features some great ending shots and … Continue reading

Phonetography Issue 1

PHONETOGRAPHY ISSUE 1 It’s finally arrived, after a long time of collecting photos, hearing stories and communicating with some awesome people worldwide I’ve finally managed to collate the pictures together in the form of a zine. This is just the beginning for Phonetography as I hope to have more and more issues out in the … Continue reading