The Trashcam Project

A group of German binmen based out of Hamburg have created this amazing way of converting old dumpsters into pin-hole cameras and taking incredible shots. They do this by drilling a small hole into the dumpster and hanging a large sheet of photographic onto the inside, the dumpster is then left for an hour to … Continue reading

Phonetography Vol.2

PHONE.TWO.GRAPHY The second volume of the series is starting up and needs your submissions!!! If you’re interested about taking part then send your submissions along with a story of the photo to; For those not in the know about this project then here is a description of it below. Technology is everywhere around us, … Continue reading


I’m currently in the very early stages of getting together a small run zine that is all about photography taken on mobile phones. The premise behind it being that I find it amazing that a lot of us have the technology to document moments in our life in the palm of our hands and would … Continue reading