Placement Update – Dewgibbons

Last week I started a placement at packaging design studio Dewgibbons, based just off Old Street here in London town. As mentioned Dewgibbons focus primarily on packaging design and have produced amazing work for major companies such as Vidal Sassoon, Boots, Nicotinell and Coca-Cola. Lead by owners Shaun Dew and Steve Gibbons the studio has … Continue reading

The Trashcam Project

A group of German binmen based out of Hamburg have created this amazing way of converting old dumpsters into pin-hole cameras and taking incredible shots. They do this by drilling a small hole into the dumpster and hanging a large sheet of photographic onto the inside, the dumpster is then left for an hour to … Continue reading

Rupert Ray Talk

Last night myself and Tim Sumner went to Brandhouse for their annual NotInhouse talk, which this time around was given by Alex Maclean from the newly formed Rupert Ray. For everyone that knows Rupert Ray is the new design and advertising agency that has been formed out of the closure of the legendary Airside, of which … Continue reading

12 Hour London Trip

So on Wednesday I embarked on another 12 hour London trip, which has become a regularity for me nowadays. The past 4 times which I have been to our capital I haven’t stayed there longer than 12 hours as I usually need to catch the last train back home. It’s a shame as I find … Continue reading

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

Adam Curtis is a legendary documentary filmmaker who’s style is very unique. Mixing stock footage taken from BBC archives and sampling that to a soundtrack of modern electronic greats such as Aphex Twin and Four Tet, Curtis manages to create a multi layered experience which to me is unmmatched in the world of documentary filmmaking. … Continue reading

Jordan Butcher

As you can see from some of my earlier posts music is a big part of design for me, silence is not an option. Whilst listening to ‘Major/Minor’ by the band ‘Thrice’ I noticed the coverwork was just a little bit special and it led me to the work of designer/art director Jordan Butcher. Jordan … Continue reading

Studio Music

Listening to music whilst I work is pretty much a must for me, I can’t cope without it. My range of music is eclectic but I end up getting bored with the music I have on my iTunes (even though theres 8000 songs) and try and search for new things to listen to. Usually I … Continue reading

40 Tips to make your portfolio work for you

I read this great article on Computer Arts which gives young designers like myself tips on how to better your online portfolio. I’ve found this a massive help because as you can see in my last post i’ve just made my own online portfolio live to the world. Well worth a read with some great … Continue reading

New Portfolio

This blog has always been intended to be the crazy sibling to my online portfolio and I’m happy to say my portfolio is now live!! Please take a look around and keep checking it out for my new work. Updates on my current work will also be posted here on Lame. Enjoy!

Leif Podhajsky

Just been looking at the website of Melbourne based designer Leif Podhajsky, I noticed his work when he produced the cover for Tame Impala’s album ‘Innerspeaker’ and was instantly drawn into its retro illusion style. Leif’s website probably explains his work the best so i’ll leave it to him, check his work out. “Leif is … Continue reading